Welcome to my site! Who am I? What do I do? How to get hold of me? How can I help you? 

My name is Ian C Walmsley and I am the third generation to be involved in development and property. My grandfather built an estate in what is now Basildon, Essex in the 1920s. So circa 100 years ago. 

When asked what do I do – I say that I am a Developer, Land Finder, Planning Geek, Podcaster, Travel Geek, Property Geek, Mentor, Public Speaker, Educator, Husband, Father (not in any particular order) and more……  

You can find me personally on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn – here you might find some sensible posts or a bit of banter and the odd rage. Our sites below, will often have their own social networks. Please feel free to follow one or all…..

We have various brands within the group and you are welcome to reach out to me via any of them.

I welcome guests to my podcast, as well as taking questions on anything property related – ian@propertyonfire.co.uk